4D Printing – The Next-Generation Technology: What is the innovative successor of 3D printing?

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What is the innovative successor of 3D Printing? Of course, 4D Printing! 

Printing technology is not new at all. However, the evolution journey of this technology is very interesting. I’m sure, you’ve heard about the amazing 3D printing technology, which revolutionized this industry and caused new use cases.

4D printing is an improvement of 3D printing. It is also referred to as the future of 3D printing, and the future is already here with us.

With 4D printing, you create a print that can change its shape after printing. For example, you can think of it as printing a box that can open, close, fold or unfold when it is exposed to certain elements.

In this book, you will learn:

  • the evolution of printing technology
  • how 4D Printing does work
  • the main benefits of 4D Printing
  • Possible applications of 4D Printing

Now in its beginner steps, in future, this technology can only grow and go mainstream. It is possible that it will be available at consumer stages soon, even in appliances and utensil that we use daily.

The future of 4D printing technology looks exceptionally bright and you can bet it will not take decades to see the fruits as it took the 3D technology.

Does is sound interesting? Read this book and get more insights!