3D Printing: The Future of Our World: (Science, Technology, Future, Sci-fi, Healthcare) (sci-fi, learning, new technology)

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Learn Everything There is to Know About 3D Printing and How It Will Change Our Future!

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In this book we will discuss what exactly 3D printing is, and how this device will be life changing to all of us. 3D printing is a relatively new concept, and the things that are possible with these devices will blow your mind! How these “printers” can be a more sustainable, green revolution in manufacturing is startling, but also very exciting to learn about. Also the ways these “printers” are being used in our medical industry to create prosthetic arms, to working human livers! Also find out why China has been investing in this technology for the past 10 years!

Here Are Some Things You Will Find Inside…

  • What is A 3D Printer?
  • How They Came to Be?
  • Why Manufacturing Will Be Changed Forever
  • Bioprinting and Human Organs
  • The Many Illegal Uses
  • Much More!

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