3D Printing: A “Must Read” 3 minute Executive Primer on 3D Printing

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3D Printing is going to change our world! Remember when computers first came on the scene? Did you think they would change our world like they have? How about smart phones? 3D printing is going to be just as big. This is an indispensable introduction to the world of 3D printing that is coming at us like a freight train. Just under the radar at this time, it is sure to affect us all in many ways, most of which we haven’t even imagined yet. This introduction to 3D printing discusses what items are being 3D printed already and the process of drawing, scanning and 3D printing items. We also discuss different types of 3D printers and how they can make things from a filament as their “ink” source. It is interesting and very informative to discuss some of the newer predicted items that could be printed, like human organs or whole house construction. This is a “must read” practical primer on a subject that will affect us all, like the automobile or computers did in the past. This discussion however, is about our every day future. If you can print a whole house, imagine what else you can print!