3D Printer K5 Plus Fully Enclosed Design with WiFi Touch Screen Smart Leveling with Printable 3D Models High Precision Printing Large Built Volume 7.9”×7.9”×11.8”

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K5 Plus 3D Enclosed Printer is an excellent product of MakerPi

The pure metal nozzle, no need of PTFE, effectively reduce the probability of plug, and support higher temperature printing (up to 572℉) to increase material compatibility.

Product Features: Smart leveling, optimizes traditional manual leveling.

Power-off resume: Continue printing after power is resumed.

Full metal quick replace nozzle, compatible with multiple filaments. Alarm on filament breaking or filament run-out resume.

Abnormal heat protection Midway filament change, press”Midway refueling” is easy to change filament.

Build-in LED lighting,Wifi control, wireless monitoring no need of APP, machine will automatically adjust to the same language according to mobile phone/computer.

Monitoring device, HD camera.

Product Details:

Machine size: 16.3×16.3×21.3inches

Printing size: 7.9×7.9×11.8inche

Net weight: 37.5lbs

Layer thickness: 0.05-0.30mm

Precision: ±0.1-0.3mm

Printing speed: Suggest 40-60mm/s; Max 300mm/s

Forming principle: FDM Nozzle

Diameter: Standard 0.4mm ( 0.8mm optional)

>Nozzle structure: Single

Printing mode: Single color model

Printing material: PLA/ABS/HIPS/PHA/PETG/PA/PC

Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Slicing software: CURA

Language support: Chinese/English/Japanese

Format: stl; Gcode; obj; dae; amf; bmp; jpg

XYZ accuracy: XY axis 0.0128mm, Y axis 0.0025mm

Hot bed temperature: 32-248℉

Nozzle temperature: 32-536℉

LCD: 4.3 inches color touch scree

Input voltage: 110 V/220 V

Output voltage: 24 V

Power: 100 W/200 W

Certification: CE,FCC,ROHS

Easy for Beginners – Ultrathin heating platform is efficient to heat. Drawer type easy to disassemble glass platform is excellent to avoid warping edge without textured paper, it also has the features of homogeneous heating, long service life, stable and user-friendly. In addition, Smart leveling function is also easy for beginners to use machine.
Filament Open – The printing materials include PLA/ABS/PHA/PA/PC/PETG etc.
Replace Nozzle Quickly – This 3D printer spends about 30 seconds changing its nozzle,while others take about 30 minutes.
Excellent Design – It’s new fashionable appearance which adopts precise sheet metal and high strength injection molding design, ultra-high modularization, effectively improves machine efficiency and quality. Fully enclosed design can prevent dust and is good for stable printing of high temperature material.
Power Off Resume – Continue printing when the power is resumed.