3d printer extruder cleaning kit 0.04mm, 10 pieces in a protective case and can be used on CNC Machines, micro milling or drill machines, drill presses, or hand held tools. 100% money back guarantee.

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Is your 3D printer nozzle not working properly? Is it churning out lumpy, uneven prints, which in turn are negatively affecting the structures and shapes being created? If yes, then it is a definite sign that the nozzle of the 3D printer is clogged and needs to be cleaned immediately. These micro-drill bit nozzle cleaners are essential accessories that every 3D printer owner must buy as a part of their 3D printing kit.


These nozzle head cleaners are available as a set of 10 pieces per package – you get a lucrative deal at a very reasonable price. 10 pieces will last for quite some time!

Easy to Store

The drill bits are shipped in a clear plastic case that is sturdy and specifically designed for storage purposes. The case takes up little room and is perfect for keeping the bits after you have finished using them – they will remain safe until next time!

Very Efficient

Nozzles could get clogged or become dirty anytime. However, they are tough to clean unless you have the right tool, just like these micro drill bits that are used for precision clearing of the nozzle. Print quality is restored fast!

Save Time

It is advisable to stock up, because you never know when the nozzle will need cleaning. Waiting for the nozzle to generate lumpy prints and then placing the order results in wastage of time – order right away so you can continue creating 3D masterpieces without unwanted disruptions.


Can also be used on CNC Machines, micro milling or drill machines, drill presses, or hand held tools.

Cleaning Tip

Please be sure that the nozzle is heated to 200°C when cleaning.


The drill bits are sharp so please store them in a locked cupboard or shelf that is above your kids’ height, out of reach of children.

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Drills are made of Tungsten steel, hard and thin enough to get into the nozzle to clear the blockage