3D Printer CNC Controller Kit with ArduinoIDE, Longruner GRBL CNC Shield UNOR3 Board+RAMPS 1.4 Mechanical Switch Endstop DRV8825 A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Nema 17 Stepper Motor LKB02

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CNC Shield Board: Latest CNC Shield Version 3. 0 for Arduino. GRBL 0. 9 compatible. 4-Axis support (X, Y, Z , A-Can duplicate X, Y, Z or do a full 4th axis with custom firmware using pins D12 and D13). 2 x End stops for each axis (6 in total). Coolant enable. Compatible with A4988 or DRV8825 stepper driver. Runs on 12-36V DC. DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver: Stepper motor driver (upgraded from A4988, 2. 5 A max current/phase. It’s not Arduino official board but it’s compatible with all Arduino software and hardware). Neman 17 Stepper motor Specification: Model No. :17HD48002H-22BStep Angle: 1. 8 beholding Torque: 59Ncm(84 oz. in)Rated Current/phase: 1. 7AFrame Size: 41 x 41mmBody Length: 47mmShaft Diameter: 5mmShaft Length: 22mmWeight: 380gMechanical End stop Connection Description: Red line connect VCC (ramps of +)black wire connect the GND (ramps of -)Green Line connect SIGNAL (ramps in s)Tips: Under normal circumstances, the system must be configured to at least three mechanical switches. Advantage: Easy to install, the more common used styles. Length of Cable: 70 great Package Includes:1 x CNC Shield Board1 x Logrunner UNO R3 Board1 x 1. 5m USB cable for R3 Board3 x Neman 17 stepper motor 1. 7 A (with bracket and screw)3 x Neman 17 Stepper Motor Mounting Bracket3 x Mechanical Switch Endstop3 x 3Pin 70cm Cable4 x DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver4 x Aluminum heatsink w/ 3M tape backing12x M3 Screws for bracket of stepper motor★ Latest CNC Shield Expansion Board V3.0 ★-CNC shield board is updated version 3.0, which is suitable for CH340G Shield 3.0 version compatible with Arduino IDE, GRBL 0.9.