3D Drawing Pen – 3D Pen for 3D Doodling (ABS) – Includes 3 spools of filament (Black, White, and Blue)

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This is a brand new product from the 3D Printing maker Lay3r. It’s really freakin’ fun to draw with, fun for adults and children alike (use adult supervision). This 3D Pen will really surprise you with what you can doodle!

The Lay3r 3D pen is fun for all ages. Kids can use it to draw animals, buildings, write messages and more for hours of fun. Adults can use it for art, design, or for repairing plastic pieces. ABS plastic is found in many objects around the world and in your home. Use your 3D Pen to draw in some repairs! Let your imagination soar with the 3D Pen from Lay3r.

Technical Specifications:
Uses 1.75 mm ABS filament
Auto-shutoff safety feature
Forward and backward Extrusion
AC adaptor