[3D CAM] Metal J-Head V6 Hot End for RepRap 3D Printer 1.75mm Filament Bowden Extruder 0.4mm Nozzle

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Hotend is equipped with NTC3950 thermistor and 12V 40W heater

This hotend is a replica of newest, popular E3D V6 hotend. All metal design, no PTFE in hot zone – capable of printing high temperature melting point plastics such as nylon and polycarbonate.

NTC 3950 Thermistor parameters:

• NTC3950 thermistor temperature table now incuded in Marlin firmware
• Small Size: 1.25mmx2.0mm glass bead
• High accuracy: 1%
• Resistance value at 25°C=100K
• Wiring insulation: high temperature teflon/PTFE
• Wiring length: 1 meter

Package contents:

1 x Metal J-Head hotend 1.75mm / 0.4mm nozzle / 12V 40W Heater / NTC3950 Thermistor
1 x Heatsink shroud with 12V 0.13A High Speed Fan 3010S
1 x One meter long bowden PTFE/teflon tubing 4mm OD 2mm ID
1 x Pneumatic Straight Fitting to connect to extruder cold end
RepRap 3D printer extruder hotend compatible with E3D V6 1.75mm / 0.4mm