2015 Upgraded Quality High Precision Reprap Prusa I3 DIY 3d Printer Kit with 2 Rolls Filament 8gb Sd Card and LCD for Free

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Product Description

2015 Upgraded Version New Coming !

The Bestseller of 3D printer DIY kit in Aliexpress 2 rolls filament + 8GB SD card as gift

Hot Full Acrylic Quality High Precision Reprap Prusa i3 LCD Acquired DIY 3d Printer Kit

3D printer Technical Specifications

1.Frame Acrylic + Threaded rod

2.Print size (X Y Z) 200 x 200 x 180mm

3.Z Axis Positioning Accuracy 0.004mm

4.XY Axis Positioning Accuracy 0.012mm

5.The Layer Thickness 0.1 mm-0.4mm

6.Layer Resolution 100 microns

7.Printing Filament ABS, PLA

8.Favored Filament PLA

9.Filament Diameter 1.75mm

10.Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm(customized 0.3mm/0.5mm)

11.Print Speed 40 – 100 mm/s

12.Print Plate Size 213*200mm

13.Print Plate (Build Platform) heated bed (Aluminium Platform)

14.Max heated bed temperature about 110 deg C(adjustable)

15.Max extruder temperature about 240 deg C

16.No. of Extruders One

17.LCD included Yes

18.Connectivity (Interface) USB, LCD display and SD card reader

19.Electronics MKS Gen-2Z v1.1 (Ramps Compatible)

20.Power supply input: 100-120VAC/4.8A or 200-240VAC/2.4A

21.Output DC 12V/ 30A

22.3D printing Control Software Repetier-Host

23.CAD Input data file format STL, G-code

24.Operating System Windows/ XP/ Mac

25.Machine Size 430*505*380mm

26.Package Size 520*470*240mm

27.Machine weight 8kg

28.Package Weight 13.5kg

29.Environmental requirement Temp: -5 – 40°c,Humidity:20-70%

30.Warranty 12 MonthsBrand Name: Sunhokey-S. Color Print Speed: 40-100 mm/s. Model Number: S-508. color: White.