2014 Innovation 3D Drawing Pen – 3D Arts & Crafts Printing Pen

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Compatible only with ABS or PLA 1.75mm filament, the 3D Printing Pen works by heating up the plastic filament and pushing it through the nozzle at the end of the device. The tip is VERY HOT. Melting ABS plastic may cause some smoke and a mild odor but is said to be non-toxic. It provides a filament changeable button to reverse the direction of the motor which allows you to change filament (if a filament is almost used up or if you want to change colors)
In order to print “in the air” you should adhere the start of the filament to a surface. Cut a length of filament from a larger roll, or use a “lazy suzan” in order to have the filament unwind easily. Change the filament before it is used up, and do not reverse the filament if there is none protruding from the machine. Use a very flat, solid material to remove the ABS from a surface, such as a butter knife .If the machine does not extrude plastic, it may be that the plastic is of variable diameter and may be stuck in the machine. Remove the filament and cut the end neatly and try to create several shapes on flat surfaces and combine them to create 3D objects. ABS Filament sold separately. Includes Black and White sample Filaments. Glow in the Dark Filaments also available.